DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I’ve eyed the useful mason jar soap dispensers made by creative people and thought I’d try to make one myself. Was it difficult? Not at all. This DIY project takes a few minutes to pull off.

All you need is a mason jar with a wide mouth lid, a push pump from a discarded soap or hand cream dispenser (I had to cut mine down so it would fit in my pint jar,) a pair of pliers, and a Sharpie.

Mason Jar + Lid, Pliers, Sharpie, and Pump. Photo © Liesl Clark

Find the center of your flat mason jar lid and punch a hole in it with a can opener (oh right, that’s one more tool you’ll want.)

Making Your Center Hole. Photo © Liesl Clark

I was able to make a hole quite easily with my pliers. Draw a circle around the hole that’s in the center of your lid, is in my first picture, and start to pull the hole apart, making it wider and wider.

Starting to Make Your Center Hole Wider. © Liesl Clark

You simply keep pulling the pieces of metal wider and wider around the edges of your circle until they’re just wide enough for your pump to fit through.

It Will Start To Look Like a Flower. Photo © Liesl Clark

When you have sufficient room for your pump, slip it through but try to keep the fit quite tight.

Thread The Pump Through the Hole. Photo © Liesl Clark

I pressed the edges of the metal lid down tight against the lid to prevent any future cuts when I need to add soap to my dispenser. You can use a silicone sealant to lock the pump down to its center hole and smooth out your sharp edges.

Sealed Soap Dispenser. Photo © Liesl Clark

This whole project took 5 minutes once I had gathered my supplies.

DIY Soap Dispenser, Ready For Use. Photo © Liesl Clark

When we went away on vacation our cat knocked over a pretty glass dispenser I gave my husband for Christmas. My husband is the dishwasher after dinner and I wanted him to feel like he had a cool “tool” to use at the sink.

Our cool new kitchen 'tool:" Our DIY soap dispenser. Photo © Liesl Clark

We mostly use baking soda for our dishes, but this liquid soap gives great suds if you like ’em and makes a mild hand soap, too. Our current liquid soap is an extremely watered-down (like 6:1 water to soap) biokleen dish soap.

DIY Dish Soap Dispenser. Photo © Liesl Clark

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