Come Plant a Tree in the Buy Nothing Forest

We need to plant more trees.

Rather than wait for a new invention, like carbon vacuums to suck the carbon out of the air, let’s simply plant more trees.

At the Buy Nothing Project, we’ve come up with a way to make this easy. Come and plant a tree in the world’s newest forest, the Buy Nothing Forest. A Buy Nothing tree makes an excellent gift for friends and family, and you can create an entire grove in the forest.

This is our year-end campaign, and we’ve partnered with the cool Italian company, Treedom, to give back to the planet through the gift of trees, to offset the carbon we’ve all produced. You can pick your tree, (or many trees!) and then give that tree to anyone on your holiday list.

Use code GIVE20 to get 20% off your Buy Nothing Forest seedling contribution to Treedom – This code will work once on the entire contents of your forest planting cart. 


• We can offset our collective carbon footprint

• Support local farmers and communities in 17 countries where Treedom will be planting the forest

• Provide clean air for us all. 

• A small part of the proceeds will also help the Buy Nothing Project to keep operating. 

This is the perfect gift that will keep on giving over time, supporting the earth, rural communities, providing food and nutrients,  with no waste, and connecting people together for a common cause — all part of the Buy Nothing ethic. Please join us!

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