Chapstick Tube Turned Salt & Pepper Shaker

We went on a backpacking trip last week and decided, at the last moment, to not bring our salt and pepper shakers because of the added weight. Luckily, we didn’t miss them due to the foods we had chosen to bring with us, but for the future I was looking for that perfect DIY salt & pepper container.

The finished Dermatone tube my husband handed to me this a.m. was all I needed to get my DIY juices going to make our own little camping condiment container. The steps, you’ll see, are quite easy:

1) Find yourself a used-up Chapstick tube.

2) Remove the inner plastic cup that holds the lip balm and should be at the top of your tube. Simply turning the tube upside down and banging it on the table should do the trick.

3) Boil the tube and lid in water for 2-3 minutes to sterilize it and get rid of the remaining goop inside.

4) Remove the sticky label if you’d like on the outside of the tube and write with a permanent pen the name of what you’re stashing inside: “Special Herb Blend” or “salt & pepper” for example. We chose to put the salt & pepper together due to weight constraints when we’re in the mountains.

5) Add your condiment of choice inside. I used our favorite Celtic sea salt and freshly ground 3-color pepper.


Here are a few other trash hacks you can do with a chapstick tube:

  1. Use it to hold any pills you might need on a trip.
  2. Make a mini travel sewing kit out of it.
  3. Put some emergency cash inside your tube as a hideaway.
  4. Condom stash?

6 thoughts on “Chapstick Tube Turned Salt & Pepper Shaker

    • Hi Anna: I’m so glad you find this idea useful. Sometimes I think that our little hacks are silly and feel embarrassed after publishing them. But there we are. I still continue on and feel compelled to write about these things! Thanks for the encouragement.
      — Liesl

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