Patio Umbrella Pea Trellis

Trellises can be made from just about anything with a little height and some expansiveness. When a patio umbrella broke in half recently due to high winds, I saw a nice pea trellis-in-the-making.

A Broken Patio Umbrella Turned Trellis. Photo © Liesl Clark

I couldn’t wait to get these images out because I’m excited about this garden hack, so you have to use your imagination. OK, don’t laugh, the peas are just sprouting but there are signs of promise to come.

Just Sproutin'. Peas are reaching toward their patio umbrella trellis.

The next time you have a patio umbrella that breaks in half, save the inner wooden part for a pea trellis in your garden. Take the canvas off and you’ll see that what remains is the perfect shape, octopod-like, that will serve you for many years. If you want to see how it’ll look with a little more vegetative matter around it, aristonorganic has a great pic to give you some perspective. I think I’ll paint mine a bright red with some leftover paint for some added garden color.

A broken patio umbrella soon to be a pea trellis.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what to do with the fabric of your umbrella, sun-drenched as it is, take it to your nearest The North Face store for recycling through their Clothes the Loop program. They’ll take all of your textiles and shoes for reuse and recycling. Don’t hesitate, because there’s a store discount waiting for you in exchange for your used clothing or textiles.

But I have to show you something pretty incredible. My friend, Michelle, is an extremely talented seamstress. She took one of my worn out patio umbrellas and turned the fabric into a post apocalyptic recycled outfit for her daughter. Seriously! It’s so cool, you have to check this reuse out! 

9 thoughts on “Patio Umbrella Pea Trellis

    • I’ll be sure to get some photos when they bloom. And, great to hear you have some garden gloves ready for possible use in Nepal? If so, I’m working on a project that will likely take us back there this late summer and we are hoping to hire a great cameraman we’ve worked with in the past who is from the UK. So, there’s a possibility he could take gloves over to Kathmandu for us from England and into the hands of the rag pickers. Let’s see.

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  1. ‘The next time you have a patio umbrella that breaks in half….’ I love that sentence! I almost think I might destroy our perfectly-fine-thank-you umbrella to make this. Though that’s not quite in the spirit of things, is it?

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