Hang Children’s Art From a Stick

How to simply display your children's art. Photo © Liesl Clark

Children’s art is precious. Do you have a good way to display it? We frame some of our favorites, but wall space is a premium in this house and the refrigerator can only hold a few masterpieces. Inspired by Suburban Pioneers’ use of a stick to display photos, I decided to try my hand at creating a stick art hanging system for our home office wall suited for enjoying children’s artistic creations.

Art on a Stick. Our New and Easy Hanging System. Photo © Liesl Clark

We have no lack of sticks out here under the canopy of trees in the Northwest, so my daughter and I tiptoed out to the forest and found ourselves a very long thin branch with some moss and lichen on it.

Three long nails, a stick, some wire, and some clothes pins or large clips is all you need. Photo © Liesl Clark

I hammered three nails into the wall to hold it in place, and wrapped some wire around the branch and nails to secure it. Then I used the same scrap wire to attach some clothes pins and large clips to the branch for holding the artwork.

Leave the moss intact and use a wire to afix your clothes pins and clips to your stick. Photo © Liesl Clark

Voila! A stick-centered art display.

Branch Out With Your Children's Art. Photo © Liesl Clark

How do you display your children’s art?

5 thoughts on “Hang Children’s Art From a Stick

  1. There’s a lot of telepathy going on here at the moment! My young grandsons were here at the weekend and spent some time using pastel pencils, they often take their drawings home. Ut this tome left the. For me and I was wondering what to do with them. Like you, our walls are already pretty much filled with various artistic endeavours, so all I have to do now is find a stick!


  2. Forgot to say, im answer to your question how do I usually display them, some are framed on the walls of various bedrooms and our ‘quiet’ room, but most are in scrapbooks. It would be lovely to have more display space especially as there are 2 more little ones approaching that age.

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  3. This is a lovely idea – when my two were small, I just stuck their artwork on the walls with tape, haha! Now its boxed up in a cupboard. I don’t really hang my own stuff up, I have to admit…..maybe I should. Sticks round my way are very wet at the moment, so maybe string and pegs might be the way to go. 🙂

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