Hang Children’s Art From a Stick

How to simply display your children's art. Photo © Liesl Clark

Children’s art is precious. Do you have a good way to display it? We frame some of our favorites, but wall space is a premium in this house and the refrigerator can only hold a few masterpieces. Inspired by Suburban Pioneers’ use of a stick to display photos, I decided to try my hand at creating a stick art hanging system for our home office wall suited for enjoying children’s artistic creations.

Art on a Stick. Our New and Easy Hanging System. Photo © Liesl Clark

We have no lack of sticks out here under the canopy of trees in the Northwest, so my daughter and I tiptoed out to the forest and found ourselves a very long thin branch with some moss and lichen on it.

Three long nails, a stick, some wire, and some clothes pins or large clips is all you need. Photo © Liesl Clark

I hammered three nails into the wall to hold it in place, and wrapped some wire around the branch and nails to secure it. Then I used the same scrap wire to attach some clothes pins and large clips to the branch for holding the artwork.

Leave the moss intact and use a wire to afix your clothes pins and clips to your stick. Photo © Liesl Clark

Voila! A stick-centered art display.

Branch Out With Your Children's Art. Photo © Liesl Clark

How do you display your children’s art?