Olive Oil Tin Turned Celery Container

I love olive oil tins. They’re reminiscent of the Old World where reuse of large tins is commonplace. When I think of how I’ve seen olive oil tins reused, I imagine geraniums on a sunny step in colorful olive oil planters in Italy or hammered out oil tins used as roofing or wall siding in Nepal.

2 Lovely Olive Oil Tins, What To Do? Photo © Liesl Clark

I saved a couple of tins this year and other than using them as a flower vase, I couldn’t think if anything special to do with them. And then my son started having a celery craving. I hate storing celery (or anything) in plastic bags in the refrigerator, so we started storing it in large mason jars with a a couple inches of water for the stalks to stay fresh. And then the idea hit me: Turn an olive oil tin into a refrigerator celery container. It holds 2 large celery bunches perfectly!

First Use an Old-Style Can Opener. Photo © Liesl Clark

You’ll need a Swiss Army-style jack knife with a can opener to remove the oil tin lid. And if that doesn’t work, get out the tin snips. Make sure you bend and file down all rough and sharp edges.

Our new celery tin. Photo © Liesl Clark

Be sure to put a few inches of water in your tin to keep the celery crisp and fresh. Then, throw it in the fridge! Our celery lasts weeks in this custom-made tin crisper.

A Tin of Celery Works Beautifully in our Plastic-Free Fridge. Photo © Liesl Clark

Gone are the days of limp celery in the vegetable drawer.

Celery in a Tin in a Plastic-Free Fridge. Photo © Liesl Clark

2 thoughts on “Olive Oil Tin Turned Celery Container

  1. Great idea! I know they’re plastic, but as I’ve had 2 of them over 30 years I reckon they have justified their existence, but I always keep salady stuff in a Tupperware veggie/salad box. We never have any limp celery, cucumber, leaves, etc. so no waste and saves money too. I have 4 of them, they keep carrots, courgettes, broccoli, peppers etc crisp – oh, and I bought 2 on eBay, so recycled too!


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