Wine Cork Pot Lid Grips

cork potgrippers

No Need for Potholders © Liesl Clark

Wine Cork Pot Lid Grips: Lift off hot pot lids with your fingers! Simple wine cork-stuffed handles mean no need for pot holders around the stove. Cram the corks tightly into the handle of your pot lid and you’ll never need to remove them again.


Those are my 10-year-old’s fingers, lifting a hot pot. © Liesl Clark

They’re dishwasher and sink-washing safe, too! Smart. Easy.



9 thoughts on “Wine Cork Pot Lid Grips

  1. This may have given us the solution to our lid problem: we have old pans where the wooden knob has come away from the screw in the lid and we are going to ask our grandson if we can raid his cork collection to see if it works on them too. 👍🏻

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