How to Fix a Cracked Wheelbarrow

I bought a plastic wheelbarrow and regretted it 4 years later. So much for the “plastic lasts forever” theory. Yes, it lasts forever, but it cracks in the interim, into smaller and smaller pieces. That was the fate of our deep Ace Hardware wheelbarrow that was this homestead’s workhorse for some 4 years.

We’ve had to replace the wheel once already. You can do that at Ace, amazingly, as they have parts ready to purchase for their wheelbarrows, but I doubt they’d have a new tub for us to replace. I thought we’d have to trash the whole molded black plastic thing, and then our friend, Ang Temba Sherpa from Nepal came to the rescue. He stitched it!

Yep, the fix was a mend via wire stitching, using a thin drill bit to make small holes for threading the wire along the crack. It’s a beautiful work of art to behold, somewhat like the stitch-up of the plastic plant pot I spotted in Tsarang, Upper Mustang, Nepal on our last trip there.

repair plastic pot

Why don’t we mend our plastics in this country like the people of Nepal do?

It’s now been another 4 years since Ang Temba repaired our wheelbarrow, and I’m proud to tell you that we’re still using it! The long cracks in the base are actually quite welcome, as they let rainwater drip out. We have an improved wheelbarrow as a result of this everlasting hand stitchery.

Thanks, Temba!


It’s still in action!

3 thoughts on “How to Fix a Cracked Wheelbarrow

  1. I love this “fixing plastic” with stitches. Genius.
    My new thought process around the house is now: What would Liesl do? (WWLD). In doing some spring cleaning, I was grossed out by our 8 years old hose reel which is pure plastic but really useful and looking unsightly in the front yard. My first instinct was to throw it away and buy a new one (that would be more aesthetically pleasing). Then, I thought WWLD?? I got out the scrub brush, some borax and put some muscle into it. Does it look brand new? Not really, but maybe it’s time for me to let that go. It does look much cleaner and it’s not in the dump!

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    • Hahaha! Now that’s funny. Yep, nothing like a little elbow grease. But seriously, if it’s just not to your liking, you can always give it away on your local Buy Nothing group when that beautiful ornate metal one comes up as a gift there. That might be what I’d do, LOL!


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