Shredded Paper Chicken Bedding


It’s simple. Just ask your friends and neighbors for their shredded paper. Don’t buy wood shavings! You really don’t need to. Since shredded paper can’t be recycled in most municipalities, and your friends will be happy to give you theirs. Or, hit up your office, or friends who work in an office setting. All I can say is, this stuff is great as chicken bedding in a coop.

Shredded Paper Bedding Photo © Liesl Clark

When it’s time to clean out your chicken coop. Put the paper and chicken droppings in your compost bin. It’ll get that bin cooking, adding much-needed nitrogen to your organic waste. My compost bins are a red-worm mega-composting colonies. It doesn’t take long for the dropping-laden shredded paper to turn into this:


And when you take that beautiful compost out to the garden and dress your veggie beds with it, you’ll get this:


Corn Mache in January. It grows in the early winter here in the Northwest. Great for salads.

What do you use for chicken bedding? Please let us know!


15 thoughts on “Shredded Paper Chicken Bedding

  1. Wait… What. They don’t take shredded paper in your area? Why?
    When it goes in the water vats it makes no difference what condition its in. O.o

    Side note… I wish we could have chickens. *pouts* >.>

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