Rockin’ Valentines


Gratitude to all of you who venture here to read about our trials and jubilations as we journey toward a lower impact life. These little rocks were gathered down at our nearby beach and turned into missives of love and positive affirmation by my daughter for her classmates and friends.


A few stones and some scrap yarn brought smiles to 26 fourth grade students, proof that the simple things in life can still be perceived as beautiful and grounding. We wish you a happy Valentines Day, a day of love and kindness, and a break from it all.


Love and gratitude,

Liesl, Pete, Finn & Cleo

7 thoughts on “Rockin’ Valentines

  1. I still have some similar stones, decorated by my children 20 years ago and more – and yes, they’re more precious to me than any shop-bought present. And today we’re off to Whitby, an English sea side town famous for its fossils and its jet, with my now adult daughter and her Spanish boyfriend. Who knows what we may find there?

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