Use Newspaper to Wash Windows

By Finn Clark

Have you ever tried washing windows with a rag? What happens? You get lots of smudges and lint all over your window. And if you’re using paper towels for window washing, the same problem will occur because paper towels have lots of loose material that gets stuck on your nice glass window. I’ve found a simple solution to the problem: Use newspaper! (My mom has also banned paper towels from our house, so we can’t use those.)

Use Newspaper For Window Washing. Photo © Liesl Clark

If I were to be really scientific about it, here’s the method I’d use for best results:

Spray a solution of mostly water and just a little vinegar onto the window. I don’t know why anyone would go out and buy “window cleaning solution” since this simple solution is easy to make, is less expensive, and is great for the environment.

Kids Love to Wash Windows. Give Them Some Newsprint and Let 'Em Go! Photo © Liesl Clark

Don’t use too much spray or it’ll be harder work for you rubbing all the wet stuff off your window. Next, rub in any direction you want. Some might say circular motions work well on caked-on bird poop. (Yup, I said bird poop in this post and I think it’s funny. Don’t worry, there’s no bird poop on our windows.) Your final strokes should be long up and down or back and forth motions to take off any residue. That’s it.

No-Smudge Newspaper Method. Photo © Liesl Clark

Does newspaper leave an inky smudge on your windows? No! I’ve never noticed any smudging, even with colored newsprint. We bring the crumpled wet newspaper inside and let it dry so we can use it as starter for our wood fires, or in summer we put it in our compost or worm bin. The worms love worn newspaper for laying eggs in.

Happy window cleaning!

Be Sure to Reuse Your Used Newspaper in the Compost or Worm Bin. Photo © Liesl Clark