8 Onion Skin Reuses

Purple Onion Skins

Onion skins are something our family tends to accumulate a lot of. Since our chickens don’t love them, I thought it might be good to look up some interesting reuses for this everyday kitchen waste. Just like garlic skins, onion skins have some unique uses. They’ve even been touted as the new “superfood!”

After reading this select list, if you’re looking for ways to get your hands on onion skins, just collect them with a few onions at your local store. They’re always in the bin with the onions.

1) Throw them in soups and slow cookers: Over 500,000 tons of onion waste is thrown out each year in the European Union and this bulb, including all its skin, is nutritious! Its full of fiber and phenolic compounds which help to prevent coronary disease.

2) Use skins as a dye for wool.

3) Onion skins are known to help cure leg cramps. Boil the skins in water for 10-20 minutes, making an infusion. Drain the skins from the water and drink it as tea before bed. It might take a week or so to take full effect.

4) Throw them in your compost heap.

5) Onion skins make a great hair dye, turning it a beautiful golden brown. Oh, and did you know onions promote hair growth?

6) Dye your Easter eggs a beautiful purple color with onion skins. This recipe shows you how to make pretty imprints, too.

7) Life Hacker suggests you hold on to the onion skin while chopping onions to protect your fingers from your knife. You have to see the picture to get it. Great hack! Then throw the skins in your freezer jar for future soup stock.

8) Dried and ground onion skin as a replacement (small percentage) for wheat flour ups the antioxidant content in bread! Read about the ground-breaking study and give it a try.


How do you use your onion skins?