Fabric Scrap Doll Tutu

Easy Fabric Scrap Tutu For a Child to Make, Photo © Liesl Clark

Visiting grandma means we get to dive into her boxes of fabric scraps. For 40 years, no fabrics have been wasted in her house. Just last month, she passed on several boxes to a local quilt-making organization, but luckily we found a few more up in her attic.

Grandma's Fabric Scraps, Photo © Liesl Clark

We looked in the Trash Backwards app for some good fabric scrap reuse ideas for small hands and landed upon a fun tutu tutorial for a little girl. My daughter decided she wanted to make it for her stuffed panda. So, we took our lead from the tutorial at Home Sweet Home and made a mini version for a doll or stuffed animal.

Strips of Fabric Scraps, Photo © Liesl Clark

1) First, cut your fabrics into 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide strips. We made ours approximately 6-8 inches long.

2) Find an elastic waistband, about 8-12 inches-worth and sew 2 ends together so you have it in a loop.

Sew Your Waistband Into a Loop, Photo © Liesl Clark

3) Fold your strips in half length-wise and place them underneath the waistband with the loop sticking out of the top and thread the ends of the fabric scrap through your loop, tying half of a square knot. This is how you tie on your skirt scrap pieces.

Adding Fabric Scraps to The Waistband, Photo © Liesl Clark

4) Tie your scraps on one after the other and gather them together tightly.

Tying One On, Photo © Liesl Clark

5) We wanted to be sure that the waistband was sewn together well, so grandma reinforced it with some hand-sewing.

Reinforce Your Waistband Ends, Photo © Liesl Clark

You’re Done! Spread around your strips so they even-out your skirt and you can add on more strips of color wherever they’re needed.

A Tutu For a Doll or Stuffed Friend, Photo © Liesl Clark

Panda Loves Her Tutu, Photo © Liesl Clark

Dancing With Her Tutu, Photo © Liesl Clark


Fabric Scrap Tutu, Photo © Liesl Clark