Homemade Crackers, Sans Plastic

We love crackers. But there are 2 reasons why we just don’t buy them very often:

1) They cost about $5/box in our local supermarket.

2) About 99.9% of them come with some sort of unrecyclable plastic packaging. Here’s a snappy little video to give you a sense of the mechanics (and carbon footprint) involved in packaging a small cluster of crackers into a plastic-molded container for you.

The Diverse Types of Cracker Packaging Boggle the Mind

We started looking into making our own crackers and are thrilled to report that you can make your own delicious artisan-style crackers with excellent results and they’re incredibly easy to make. We’ve tried several recipes and this post aims at pointing you toward 3 of the best!

1) We first went to our guru for all things kitchen at Rock Farmer and found a great recipe for gluten-free crackers. I’ve taste-tested many of them and can attest to their deliciousness.

2) We then went for full gluten plus a little butter to boot and found a great recipe that was so pleasing we didn’t have a cracker left an hour after baking them. The addition of seeds like dill makes these pretty special. The recipe is at Slim-Shoppin and I substituted a tea towel for the wax paper with no problem.

Homemade Seed Crackers, Recipe at Slim-Shoppin. Photo © Liesl Clark

3) A final contender for best easy delicious crackers on the Web, is at Girlichef. These are absolutely divine olive-oil crackers with lots of seeds again and it was the photography of the crackers in a mason jar that caught my attention. And I thought I had the only crackers-in-a-mason-jar kitchen. Please note that 150 grams of flour = about 1 and 1/4 cups flour. Do roll all your crackers out as thin as you can. Makes for that crunchy cracky texture we all call crackers!

So far, the only plastic-free crackers to buy that I can find are Ryvita crackers.