Yarn Scraps Are For The Birds

Spring is in the air! Save some scraps and bits to offer to your songbirds for spring nest-building. An old suet feeder will do the trick. At this time of year our feathered friends need all the help they can get.

Here are some great items that you can include:

Natural fiber yarn


Horsetail Hair

Shredded Paper





Small Fabric Scraps

Cotton Balls

Cotton Wadding from Aspirin Bottles

Dried Moss


Leaf Stems

Dog Hair

Cat Hair

So, don’t throw your yarn scraps and other bits away. Save them for the birds! In Paonia, Colorado, one spring, my son found the most unique birds nest, made entirely of yarns, hay, polyfibers, human hair, horsetail, and string.

IMG_4213 Photo © Liesl Clark